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Welcome to the website of the High Council of Justice.

This website should enable you to find the information you are looking for quickly and easily.

The various sections provide a concise explanation of what the Council is and does.

Career Opportunities contains all information concerning Examinations, Nominations and Appointments.

Opinions and Supervision explain the inner workings of the advisory and investigation committees.

On the Homepage you can also register for the RSS feeds and newsletters.

Would you, for example, like to know who has recently been nominated for appointment? Then you can easily sign up for the RSS News (in Dutch and French only). You will then receive the names in your RSS reader or mailbox as soon as they are known. The same applies to all the other items in the News menu.

In Publications (in Dutch and French only) you will find all the High Council’s public documents, from Audit Reports and Annual Reports to Recommendations and Brochures.

Via the powerful search engine, you can search on any word in the title or contents.

You will notice that our publications are already often preceded by a concise summary. This allows you to see what it is about at a single glance.

The section News (in Dutch and French only)contains the most recent presentations, press releases, short news, videos and other material.

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