The High Council of Justice receives and handles complaints regarding the operation of the judiciary.

How ?

It is very simple to lodge a complaint.

You must lodge your complaint in writing. Your complaint must include your name and address, and be dated and signed. Your complaint must be clearly written. The clearer it is, the quicker the Advisory and Investigation Committee will be able to deal with it.

The legislation in place does not allow the HCJ to receive complaints made orally, by telephone or by email.   Each and every complaint must be made in writing.

There is therefore no point in coming to the Council’s offices in person.  If the Commission which examines your complaint deems it necessary, it will certainly contact you to request all further information required and, where appropriate, will invite you to clarify your complaint orally. 

You may telephone the HCJ should the complaints procedure, as set out on the website, not be sufficiently clear in your eyes.  

On what subject?

What type of complaints can you submit to the High Council? Please consult the complaints FAQ.