Independent supervision of internal controls

The control mechanisms within the judiciary

It is for the judicial bodies to put in place all the legally mandatory control mechanisms within the judiciary. These concern in particular:

  • the application of discipline in the judiciary
  • the option to remove a judge when the deliberations last more than six months
  • the public prosecutor’s monitoring of the “regularity of the service”
  • disciplinary measures which can be taken against judges

Independent supervision by the Joint Advisory and Investigation Committee

The Joint Advisory and Investigation Committee (JAIC) can systematically examine the use of internal control methods within the judiciary. For this purpose, the bodies with competence for these methods must forward an annual report to the JAIC.

The promotion of internal control mechanisms

On the basis of the information communicated by the competent authorities, the High Council of Justice publishes an annual report on how the internal control mechanisms are used. This report also includes proposed improvements.

For more information, please consult the independent supervision of internal controls FAQ.