Special inquiries

Has the judiciary functioned correctly? Could it have done better? And, if so, what can we suggest to improve and optimise the administration of Justice?

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Who can request an inquiry?

The High Council of Justice (HCJ) can launch an inquiry into the operation of the judiciary:

• at the request of the Justice Minister;

• at the request of the House or the Senate;

• automatically, for example, following a complaint received by it or on the basis of information in the media.

The CSJ does not pronounce sanctions.

The Joint Advisory and Investigation Committee (JAIC) of the High Council of Justice (see Committees) conducts special inquiries into any malfunctioning within the judiciary, excluding any criminal or disciplinary competence.

The investigation is overseen by a member judge.


The Joint Advisory and Investigation Committee is legally bound to draw up a report at the end of every inquiry.

The High Council is legally required to forward the inquiry report to the Justice Minister, the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as to the chiefs of jurisdiction of the courts and the competent public prosecutors. The report includes recommendations intended to improve the administration of Justice.